• 9444 Cole's Tread Assault
  • 9446 Destiny's Bounty


General, Warrior (formerly)




Skales is the general of the Hypnobrai snake tribe. In the TV series Ninjago: Rise of the Snakes, Skales does not like Lloyd Garmadon. He doesn't like the idea of Lloyd building a treehouse and Slithraa agreeing with him. He eventually beats Slithraa in the Slither Pit and takes the Hypnobrai snake staff. He also gains a tail while Slithraa grows legs. He hypnotizes Cole and takes complete control of him during the battle at Lloyd's tree house, where Cole almost destroys the Ninja on the roof. Bio

Warrior and second in command of the Hypnobrai tribe. Skales masters the ancient art of Fang-kwon-do.

When he sees Slithraa fall under Lloyd’s control, Skales sees an opportunity to fulfill his own ambitions for control. Raiding villages for candy is beneath him, not to mention a complete waste of his Hypbnobrai powers.

Skales sets his own cunning plans in motion. He schemes to strike at the Ninja from within and patiently waits for events to unfold in his favor.



Skales as minifigure.

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